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Dedicated Internet Access

Uncontended speeds up to 10Gbps for your office

Enterprise Fibre Connectivity, uncontended and always ready for your requirements.

Leased Lines provide businesses with uncontended speeds via a partnership with Last-Mile Telecos, all connecting back to our privately owned network. Our Leased Lines allow you to connect one building to another, to public internet or access to your private Cloud.

By utilising a Leased Line you are not competing for Connectivity with other businesses on the street, you are given a high capacity line to use to its full capacity.

With a wide range of bandwidth availability allowing for upgrades to your service when your business demands it.

Fixed IPV4 & IPV6 Addresses
24/7/365 Managed Monitoring
Fixed Monthly Cost
Flexible Contract Terms
Easy Upgrades Within Contract
Unmetered Bandwidth
Guaranteed Network Availability With 99.95% Uptime
5-hour Fix SLA

Let us assess your business internet requirements and offer you a competitive quote.

Why deploy with Subset…

In-House Provisioning

Once your order has been placed, we use our own Provisioning Engineer to deploy your service. Where third parties are necessary we offer a Managed Service that will dispatch a Subset engineer to assist and ensure everything goes smoothly.

Privately owned ultrafast fibre network

Our Connectivity services utilise our privately owned Network to offer low-latency connectivity back to our hosting and global internet services.

Nationwide Coverage

By leveraging critical Last-Mile Telecom Partners we can deploy our Network across the UK; all linking back to one of our Core Nodes for Internet Connectivity and access to Private Cloud Services.

Deploying with Subset was a lifesaver, after a failed cable installation. Subset quickly worked with OpenReach to find an alternative path in, without them, we were looking at a 2 Month Delay for our new serviced offices to open.


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