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Cost-effective business Connectivity for Small Businesses

Unlimited asymmetrical Business Broadband that offers faster connectivity than traditional broadband offerings.

Broadband Connectivity such as FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) and FTTP ( Fibre to the Premises) yield 75 – 300Mbps and upload speeds between 19Mbps – 50Mbps. Broadband is perfect for small businesses who do not have a reliable Internet Connectivity.

Due to its low-cost nature, Broadband is a contended service, meaning you are sharing a connection between you and other businesses.

Fixed IPV4 & IPV6 Addresses
24/7/365 Managed Monitoring
Fixed Monthly Cost
Delivered using existing PSTN Infrastructure
Fast Installation
Unmetered Bandwidth
Guaranteed network availability with 99.95% uptime
Great Backup Service for existing DIA

Let us assess your business internet requirements and offer you a competitive quote.

Why deploy with Subset…

In-House Provisioning

Once your order has been placed, we use our own Provisioning Engineer to deploy your service. Where third parties are necessary we offer a Managed Service that will dispatch a Subset engineer to assist and ensure everything goes smoothly.

Privately owned ultrafast fibre network

Our Connectivity services utilise our privately owned Network to offer low-latency connectivity back to our hosting and global internet services.

Nationwide Coverage

By leveraging critical Last-Mile Telecom Partners we can deploy our Network across the UK, all linking back to one of our Core Nodes for Internet Connectivity and access to Private Cloud Services.

After failing to get faster than 1Mbit with BT, we moved over to Subset who was able to offer us 1Gbit to share across the serviced offices, they came and fitted the line and distribution to everyone’s unit!


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